• No third party suppliers: We build and maintain our own network. We supply you with your connection as well as transmit your data and voice. Our Internet service is guaranteed with 99% up-time.
  • Wireless Metro Ethernet Network: You enjoy the highest quality fixed line broadband solution, without any physical lines. This makes it invulnerable to theft.
  • Easily re-routed: In the event of severe weather conditions affecting your connection, we can easily re-route your link.
  • 24/7 365 monitoring: Your connection is monitored around the clock using state of the art monitoring tools. This is to ensure we meet our uptime guarantees on all services.
  • Maintenance: We maintain all of our equipment (except the Free Wi-fi router) for the duration of our relationship to ensure you are always online.
  • Contract Options: 12 Month, 24 Month or Month to Month. (See pricing)


Our Home Internet Packages:

R 899Per Month
99% Uptime
Download Speed: 5Mbps; Upload Speed: 1Mbps
Uninterrupted Streaming
Suitable For: Heavy Browsing & Email, HD YouTube, File Transfers, Media Downloads, Gaming, Downloading, HD Streaming
R 1 499Per Month
99% Uptime
Download Speed: 10Mbps; Upload Speed: 1Mbps
Uninterrupted Streaming
Suitable For: Fastest Browsing & Email, Large Uploads, Multiple HD Streaming Devices, P2P, Gaming



All of the above packages include free Wi-Fi router to connect your computer and any other devices wirelessly. Installation consists of a dish outside your home and a switch (similar to a decoder) inside your home to connect you to our broadband.

We encourage you to please read through our Home Broadband Procedure before signing up.

*Prices include VAT and exclude the Installation Fee.
*All broadband packages are subject to signing one of the contract packages.
*Terms & Conditions Apply