IT Support Contract

Pay a fixed monthly fee for the following services:

  • Multiple call outs (SLA dependent)
  • Web hosting
  • Telephonic support
  • Remote Support
  • Regular maintenance inspections
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Data Recovery**
  • Network maintenance and repairs*
  • Software installations and upgrades*
  • Hardware installations and upgrades*

Monthly Maintenance Contract

Pay a fixed monthly fee and BonaFide IT will come out once a month to perform maintenance on your IT related systems.
Maintenance tasks performed are:

  • Anti virus and windows updates
  • Server maintenance*
  • Network maintenance*
  • Hardware maintenance*
  • Backups


At BonaFide IT we perform small and medium sized network installations and carry out ongoing network maintenance as and when needed. Our work is not limited to wired installations (Cat5, Cat6 etc) but extends to the more complex wireless systems certain clients may require.

Server Installations

Buying, installing and configuring a new server can be a daunting task. So why not let us take care of it for you. Not only will we ensure that you get the best servers for the best prices but we will also ensure that they are configured to run at their optimum with as little downtime to ensure the least interruption to your operations.

Desktop Support

Support for desktop users (either telephonic, remote or on-site)

Remote Support

Where possible we will deploy remote desktop solutions on client PC’s to enable fast, remote troubleshooting.

Telephonic Support

Give us a call and we’ll talk you through the steps needed to fix the problem. If the problem cannot be solved telephonically, there is no need to worry as a technician will be dispatched ASAP to resolve the problem.

Web Design

BonaFide IT will design a custom, five star website to meet your specific needs and all requirements. Where required we work with affiliate partners should your requirements be for a complex, database driven website.

Web Hosting

We offer affordable webhosting specifically suited to each clients’ needs. We provide both Unix and Windows based hosting platforms, from simple, cost effective solutions, through larger more complex database provision and dedicated server solutions.

Internet Connectivity

We offer various Wired and Wireless connectivity packages to suit your home or business requirements. Should you be a larger corporate with the need for dedicated data lines or high volume data needs, we have various business based solutions for these.


Due to the prevalence of converged technologies, we now offer installations and support of various CCTV systems IP or analog.

Point of Sale

We offer retail stores the ability to install POS systems and support these on maintenance contracts


Please note:
*Any additional hardware or software, repairs to hardware or replacement of will be an additional cost item and quoted on beforehand

**Basic recovery will be included in monthly fee. Data loss due to drive failures or similar will be assessed and quoted on before recovery is attempted due to complexities thereof.