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As a vendor independent hardware and software service provider, we design, build, image and install a wide range of hardware and software to homes, small business and corporate locations. Within all five economic hubs, BonaFide IT works with your existing suppliers and manages your inventory through its installation, moves and changing life-cycle. Whatever your business requirements BonaFide IT can provide the support you need.

Benefits and advantages

  • Reduce your maintenance costs
  • We can assist at the conceptual stage
  • Tap into our vendor relationships
  • We are the ‘One Stop Shop’

Specialists in…IT

A client had an issue whereby they had multiple hardware and software providers and spent many hours a week in ‘white noise’. Solving differences between project plans and suppliers not having been given the correct equipment or it not being configured correctly for the location type.

As a solution, we managed the vendors of the equipment, the software services and the hardware provision, deploying the solution in a sole supplier managed service. This allows the client to keep the existing suppliers and remove all the management overhead, providing one invoice and managing their purchases so they remain an off balance sheet expense. This type of solution provides measurable savings in money, time and effort.

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