Why Access Floors

Technology is changing very rapidly and buildings need to quickly and flexibly adapt to these changes. Whether you are creating space for people to work, or for equipment to safely operate, these spaces need to be flexible. Access floor with under floor service distribution is the easiest and most cost effective way to create flexible space that will adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s workspace. Raised access floor, modular wiring, and under floor air distribution can future proof a new building or convert a low tech environment into a highly adaptable modular workspace. Some of the many reasons workspaces change:

  • Typical churn of employees (moving people from one area to another or re-configuring systems furniture)
  • Growing or downsizing of a workplace
  • Developers seeking a low cost way to reconfigure space and bring in new tenants faster
  • Re-purposing of space (what was once a conference room is now office space or training areas)
  • Too hot, too cold issues with HVAC
  • Bringing new technology into an older space
  • Upgrading existing data cabling

All of these changes are made more easily, more cost effectively, and in less time with raised access floors. This video shows how quickly and easily an area with systems furniture can be changed into private offices and a conference room by using under floor service distribution.

Raised access floors are incredibly useful, allowing you to create a fully accessibly floor void under the flooring. Simply raise the platform and use the compact, nifty space to house key services like telephone, power and data cables. Keeping them out of sight protects them from damage and reduces the risk of someone tripping over them. At BonaFide IT we supply and install a comprehensive range of access floors; to suit your budget and taste.

We are proud to list names like Pentafloor, Solidfeel, Kingspan and LF Range among our suppliers, Pentafloor being the largest in its class in South Africa. Our access flooring is among the highest quality and you would be hard pressed to find better quality, installation, service and maintenance.

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