As your business grows, you’ll come to rely on your I.T. support company more and more. I.T. support will become increasingly important to maintain the efficiency of your technology and, consequently, your business. Whether individual PCs, servers or an extensive distributed network, downtime costs money and inhibits the ability of your business to thrive. BonaFide IT offers you a range of I.T. support and maintenance solutions to suit a wide variety of requirements including:

  • Flexible I.T. maintenance contracts and support plans
  • Live telephonic support
  • Ad-hoc call-out services
  • Ongoing advice and consultancy
  • System audits
Ad-hoc services are suitable for environments that are not business critical. However, if your business relies on your I.T. systems, you should consider the benefits of  IT support contracts that covers costs and gives time assurances.

IT support contracts and maintenance contracts

IT Support Contracts are the best method of ensuring your I.T. support needs are taken care of effectively, with a fixed cost over the period of the IT Support contract’s term.

The BonaFide IT support contract plans include:

      • Help desk support from 8:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday
      • Windows Support Technician available telephonically or on site in accordance with BonaFide IT’s support levels
      • On-site visits by a designated Windows Support Engineer to carry out the work schedule
      • Accurate and detailed recording of timesheets
      • The agreement covers support for the following software:

All workstation based Microsoft operating systems

Standard Microsoft Office installations

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Express

The following exclusions apply and are addressed on an ad-hoc basis:

          • Supply of additional workstation–level hardware
          • Supply of additional workstation–level software
          • Installation and support of any software not listed above
          • Travel costs
          • Any work which, of necessity, must be carried outside normal working office hours

Pricing* is as follows:

Hours per MonthCall Out Fee**No ContractWith ContractRate per HourDiscountSaving
12R 150.00R 5 040.00R 4 788.00R 399.005%R 252.00
24R 150.00R 10 080.00R 9 324.00R 388.507.5%R 756.00
36R 150.00R 15 120.00R 13 608.00R 378.0010%R 1 512.00
48R 150.00R 20 160.00R 17 640.00R 367.5012.5%R 2 520.00
60R 150.00R 25 200.00R 21 420.00R 357.0015%R 3 780.00
72R 150.00R 30 240.00R 24 948.00R 346.5017.5%R 5 292.00
84R 150.00R 35 280.00R 28 224.00R 336.0020%R 7 056.00

* Prices exclude VAT

** Rate is variable. R 6 per kilometer to a maximum of R 150.00. Out of province rates will be quoted on

Standard rates above. Negotiable based on Service Level Requirements

Support and maintenance

          • Applying software upgrade patches to systems when security considerations deem it necessary and notifying the client of any enhancements and/or improvements which, in the opinion of BonaFide IT would improve the client’s I.T. function.
          • Reactive support: This includes responding to specific requests originating from the client. Support work is carried out at the client’s offices or remotely via the client’s internet link or via a simple dial-up link.

Help desk

Each support call to our help desk is rated according to its level of urgency or severity.

SeverityDesciptionOur ResponseResponse Time
CriticalAn incident which renders your business unable to functionRapid response and attempt at resolution. You must be provided with meaningful updates every hour during resolution1 Hour
MajorImpact of the incident on your business is limited and does not stop you from functioningTimeous response and resolution. You must be provided with meaningful updates every two hours during resolution1 Day
MinorImpact of the incident on your business is minimal, and it is not necessary for us to find alternate ways for your continued functioning, but the current situation is not conforming to your normal expectationsYou must be provided with meaningful updates every 2 days during resolution1 Week

Monitoring and reporting

          • Monitoring and reporting takes place daily using the BonaFide IT monitoring system, Sysrep7. The requirement includes the daily monitoring of the basic functioning of the underlying Linux operating system, its processes, the file system, memory utilization and unscheduled system reboots. This is to expose any unusual behaviour on the system or any attempt to penetrate the system illegitimately.
          • Regular monitoring of security-related sources of information, such as Bugtraq and CERT, is carried out routinely.
          • Monitoring reports are available on request at any time.

Working units

          • Time spent carrying out support and monitoring work is measured in working units. The working time allocated to each working unit depends on when the work is carried out, as follows:
Time of DayWorking Unit
Normal Office Hours 08H00 to 17H001 Hour
After Hours Weekdays 17H00 to 18H301.5 Hours
After Hours Weekdays 18H30 to 07H302 Hours
Saturday2 Hours
Sunday3 Hours
Public Holidays3 Hours
          • Unused working units are not transferable to the next month
          • Any additional working units are charged according to the above table (R350.00) and will include travel time.
          • BonaFide IT will give 1 month’s written notice of any variations in this rate.

Your BonaFide IT Support Contract begins with a full systems audit so we can devise a comprehensive support plan to suit your requirements. This will bring your I.T. environment up-to-date with necessary service packs and system drivers and will identify and minimise any potential problem areas you face. Keeping your systems performing well means dealing with one of the better I.T. support companies in Johannesburg – proven to help businesses do better from their I.T. infrastructure. Contact us and discover why our clients rate us the best SMME I.T. Support Contract Company in Randburg.